Friday, December 18, 2009

Being A Proactive Citizen

When politicians do things you disagree with, there is always something proactive you can do.
1 Vote out the politicians who work against your interests.
2 You can start a Political Action Committee. PACs can legally raise money to support or oppose a candidate, or political issue up for a vote in an election.
3 You can join a group using social networks like Facebook. For example: the “VOTE NO! Abilene Career Tech High School” that were opposed to the tech school, or the current group “Abilene City Council Watchdog Group” that was formed to report and hold the Abilene City Council accountable, or even start your own group.
4 Obviously, contact your elected people directly.
5 Contact local media/write a letter to the editor of your paper.
6 Start your own blog here on blogspot, or other similar sites.
7 Get a group of friends together and start having meetings is like the tea parties do.
8 Run for office, personally. Think LONG & HARD before you commit to this one though. If you run against and incumbent, newspapers, and most likely the rest of the media in Abilene will support them, no matter who you are. So, you better get started making contacts and build a following NOW.
One thing I would point out though: These are real people, who also have families who might also be hurt by what you say or do, so think carefully before you resort to negative endeavors. When you are rude or abusive, it says much more about you than it does about the person/group you are against.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!

I hate to shoot arrows at the Tenaska Albatross, but I have a prediction. If my guess at the Abilene City Council's plans in regard to the coal plant are correct:
Scenario A:
1 The plant will be built no matter what people say.
2 Sometime in the near future it will be determined there will not be enough water.
3 Since as stated in the Mayor's last campaign, the cedar ridge project is his #1 priority, the project will be brought to the forefront as a necessity.
4 Because of Tenaska tax payers will be saddled with the 100 million plus dollar project.
5 Taxes will go sky high
6 The powers that be here will get filthy rich from the various contracts to build the lake.
Scenario B:
1 Because of the water restrictions, good paying manufacturing companies will be kept out.
2 Existing manufacturing will be squeezed further, causing them to downsize or leave entirely.
3 Abilene will transformed into even more of a cash cow for Hendricks, because competitive wages will not be offered.
4 The already dismal overall average income in Abilene will drop even more.
In the end, I hope I am not being an albatross, but my experiences with city hall tell me otherwise...