Friday, June 25, 2010

This article was originally posted March 1 at 9:47pm on the Abilene City Council Watchdog Group on facebook. Since that time I have become aware that the people in the Taylor County DA's office are having me investigated by the Texas Rangers to shut me up. I will not stop fighting for the good people of Abilene and the big country. If i am murdered like Detective Donnie Pratt of the hot check department threatened, my only regret is that I have only one life to give to my country...

Bolls V Tomme

The county judge position is not a normal judiciary position. The main duties include overseeing where and how money will be spent in the county. Therefore, competence, honesty, & integrity, seem to be important traits needed for this position.

Bolls – Over the years, Downing Bolls has been a well-known journalist. Frankly, I was unsuccessful in finding anything he has done that would be considered anything but highly competent and professional.

Tomme – During his tenure as Republican Party Chairman, Curtis Tomme has been the embodiment, in this writers opinion, of what is wrong with the political system in Abilene, and Taylor County. Ignoring constituents, covering for or ignoring (in my opinion)relevant negative information about personal friends in political races, and passing on the majority of his responsibilities to members of the Pachyderm Club have been my personal experience of the man over the last 5 years or so. It seemed he did not attend meetings regularly, unless he was to have an opportunity to be on television or in the paper, with the blessings of our incredibly liberal and unbalanced media. Of course not filing the appropriate paperwork for precinct chairs recently, left a field of only 6 people who could decide on his replacement, is his most recent blunder.

Bolls – This retired TV anchor has been well respected for many years. My distaste for bias shown by the media in Abilene is legendary, but I make exception for this gentleman. I have spent quite some time speaking to many sources about both candidates. Bolls is a former Marine, and active member of his church, and apparently well respected by all. It is VERY unusual to not be able to find anyone who dislikes someone who has been in the public eye as long as Bolls.

Tomme – From my personal experience and my investigations, dishonest would not be a word to describe this lawyer for the hot check department, but a person who turns a blind eye and manipulates the law or situations would be. The fact he is supported by credit bureaus with a sign before their office, says it all. With dreams to be a king, first one should be a man. This is no friend to the average working individual of this area, be they wealthy, to modest in means. What he calls law enforcement appears closer to legal graft and abuse from a modest workingman’s perspective. Thank heaven I am not a lawyer, to know for sure, which is probably one of the reasons you hear lots of lawyer jokes, but none about political activists, such as yours truly.

Bolls – Again, I received nothing but gleaming stories of the character of this man, who is a military veteran that served his country proudly.

Tomme - The hot check office gets to keep some of the money paid for restitution in check cases in theory meant to repay victims. This money goes into the District Attorney’s petty cash fund. The DA is not required to report how or where these funds are spent. Because check cases have a higher burden of proof on the accused, corruption against innocent people in these cases is much more likely. The conflict of interest involved in this system is shocking at best. The fact that he is now paying his replacement for Republican Party Chairman to promote his campaign speaks loudly to me. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

Bottom line, I am endorsing a journalist over a Republican. Be warned Tomme is no Fiscal conservative in my mind. He is just another old boy in Abilene’s old boy system. He has supported the recent failed bond issues. He was endorsed by the Abilene Reporter News!!! The previous editor now is head of the Texas ACLU. It is hoped by many true conservatives in Taylor County, that this endorsement is again the kiss of death to another liberal RINO in lawyers clothing, like the defeated incumbent Sam Chase was last year.

This is simply an opinion piece, and to the best of my knowledge, I can support this candidate revue with either personal knowledge, or extensive research. Agree or disagree, I encourage everyone to go out and vote. As a former candidate myself, I hope that the best man wins. I have no Doubt that man is Downing Bolls. God bless America, the freedom of speech, and the outcome of this election.
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