Thursday, July 16, 2009

America's Newest Pastime

Have you ever noticed that it doesn't matter what the topic is, political discussions always end up the same way? Today I was reading the comments about some new controversial legislation on the on line version of my local newspaper. As usual, the posts on the forums could have had the band Psychostick's "The Dumb Song" playing in the background, because it just digressed to another all too familiar name calling session.

I won't bother giving you the topic though. After all, I was not there to inform myself about current events, or issues of the day. I was there because it has become my new favorite spectator sport. Reading the comments on blogs and forums is more entertaining than your average cheesy sitcom, or local sporting event. I suspect that I am not alone, and it has become America's new underground pastime!

It is the American way: I want the government to enact laws that benefit me as long as it requires nothing of me personally, and somebody else pays for it... and if you disagree with me, "Yer Dumb!"
So, come on everybody, let's take a seventh insult stretch, and together sing the chorus to "The Dumb Song!"
"Oh say, can you see
Everyone is dumb but me
I'm never, ever wrong
And that's all you'll ever be."

Ron Konstantin

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  1. That's perhaps the reason I stay away from all political discussion since it's hard to find a good opinion without it leading down hill.