Friday, August 7, 2009

Some of my original, tweeked, and inspired artwork

"My Trail Of Tears Ends, HERE!"
Inspired By and tribute to "Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee" by Manowar


I call this: "Mithrilweaver"

"With No Heart To Do Me Well"

"Northern Lights"

Tribute to Led Zeppelin: "Swan Circle"
Inspired by and a tribute to "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin


"Theatre Masks"

"ManOwaR: Heart Of Steel"

"Beware Becoming The Dragon You Slay"

"Comet Over Shiprock"

"Viking Phantom Ship" Can you see the ship from 3 different points of view: Above, water level, & from under water?

"Hearts of Steel"


You may use my art on your web pages, profiles, ect... if you want as long as it retains my signature on it, and I am given credit for designing it.

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