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Taylor County Sheriff Les Bruce Round Two....

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"As head of narcotic was known to manufacture and distribute methamphetamine and use meth intravenously. He reportedly has been admitted 4 times to the Betty Ford Clinic in San Antonio. Several females claim to have traded sex to avoid arrest. He reportedly beat a handcuffed detainee. Now is Sheriff of Taylor County. Does he still deal meth?"


A detailed account of a gathering outside the Taylor County Jail, that I personally attended and testified at:

Also some letters sent to county commissioners that have not been acted upon

Dear County Commissioners,

My September 2nd request to speak before you concerning misconduct by staff at the Taylor County Jail has been rejected. Ten days later, Marcus Marsh, another Taylor County inmate died while in custody from "a perforated duodenal ulcer with early peritonitis - "severe constipation."

Marsh's relative tried to get him medication on a Friday but were reportedly told that it would be Monday before it could be approved. He died over that weekend alone in his cell.

Below is another example of someone left alone in her cell after requesting medical help.

Lisa Mijares describes giving birth to a son while squatting all alone in her jail cell after her pleas for help were allegedly ignored. A second case was also reported of a mother giving birth at the jail and that baby having died. A Citizens' Review Board should be formed to look into these allegations and see if there is a pattern of misconduct.

See the You Tube video on the home page of .

In addition, it has been reported to my by an inmate's family that he filed a grievance about being housed with a man infected with tuberculosis. After more than two months of complaining, he reports that 15 fellow inmates were tested in September and that five (including himself) tested positive for TB. The Health Dept. will neither confirm nor deny this but informed me that I would need to file an open records request to get the information needed.

Lance Hunter Voorhees
Chaplain - Taylor County Detention Ministries
Abilene, TX

In case you missed it, this is my previous article about our current sheriff before he won the election last year: The newspaper and TV stations refused to report on any of this. The local media did not only ignore allegations Against Bruce, but George Levesque of KTXS moderated the only debate Bruce showed up at, and did not allow questions from the audience. Which prompted George Levesque of KTXS channel 12 and the editor of The Abilene Reporter News to be co-winners of the Abilene Moral Eyesore Of The Year Award:

Konstantin For Abilene Movement
Editorial On Sheriff's Candidates in Taylor County

Allegations and whispers are all you will ever hear About Les Bruce if the Local media have their way. The editor of The Abilene Reporter News, Barton Cromeens will not allow the truth to come out against candidates his newspaper endorses. Mr. Cromeens would not allow Mr. Konstantin to respond to a very personal criticism against him during his recent campaign for mayor either. I do not want to be banned like Konstantin. Here is what Konstantin wrote about our board's decision. Over the years, I have seen a need to have coverage of political candidates that is more balanced. We at the Konstantin For Abilene Movement, are made up of people of differing backgrounds and political affiliations. I was a candidate in last three city council elections, including the most recent, for Mayor of Abilene. During this time, I met many people that make up the diverse population of the Key City and surrounding area. From my many contacts and numerous advisers, I decided upon myself, 2 republicans, 2 democrats, 1 libertarian, 1 Ron Paul supporter, and 2 non partisan residents of Taylor County, to make up my advisory board. Our goal is not to necessarily influence the outcome of any election. We simply want to provide more information to help you, as a voter, make a more informed decision. The objective is to review and comment upon how positive or negative an effect candidates in local elections, have on Abilene, and the Big Country as a whole. Our hope is to investigate campaigns not only by personality perception, but also on a deeper level. We need to know the candidates stand on issues, and the likelihood they might actually follow through with their campaign promises. After discussing the candidates at great length, we came to a consensus. Taylor County Sheriff,Since this seems to be the most heated among the local elections on the November ballot, we decided to tackle the Sheriff's race first. The candidates are Leslie 'Les' Bruce(R) who defeated our current Sheriff, Jack Dieken, and his challenger, Arturo 'Art' Casarez(D). Originally, I had intended to write a biographical/non opinion piece over both candidates for an article, and then discuss this race with my advisory board for the Konstantin For Abilene Movement before releasing it. Although I attempted to contact both candidates, Bruce chose not to respond. Despite a lack of interest by one of the candidates, my endeavor to give a fair add balanced portrait, to present to the board continued, nevertheless.
Casarez:Arturo 'Art' Casarez was a delight to speak with. He has a masters degree, as compared to his opponent, who does not even have an associates degree. He has been A policeman, Department Of Public Safety officer, and a parole officer, not to mention quite a few more years of law enforcement than his opponent. He is also involved with a ministry effort in the county jail in his spare time. Like Bruce, he is well respected by fellow law enforcement officials, but has earned quite a bit of 'street credit' with people in the community as well. He is admired by some of the prisoners for his efforts at rehabilitating those incarcerated by our county over the years. He is a family man with many connections to the community. A few years ago he ran as a Republican. He explained this saying that he was a political moderate, that filed with a party since it is a necessary evil of getting elected in a partisan race. Although I am a moderate Republican, have avoided partisan races because of the 'yellow dog' mentality of some voters. (Some people would vote for a yellow dog as long as an 'R' or 'D' followed their name.) He seemed to be in touch with the concerns and needs of deputies. Bruce:Leslie 'Les' Bruce, despite his effeminate name, is a tall, well spoken and almost nauseatingly typical politician. In various appearances he has touted very proud connection to the Republican party and the Republican Party Chairman, Curtis Tomme. He spent some time as a patrolman, S.W.A.T. Team sniper, and Narcotics Detective. This is not a problem in most races, but the majority of board members considered the Sheriff's job one best practiced with as little interjection of politics as possible. Questions we had about Les Bruce, the Republican candidate for Sheriff were varied and extremely troubling. Included in the allegations:
1. Property tax evasion
2. Bribing the Taylor County Tax Assessor
3. Taking bribes and drugs from criminals in return for not arresting them.
Moral transgressions:
1. Racial slurs against Native Americans and Hispanics
2. Lies about his previous actions during his campaign
3. Misrepresenting his personal financial worth as being poor after building an almost $300,000 home.
4. Arrogance in the form of not responding to: phone inquiries by numerous parties, a debate with Connecting Caring Communities against his opponent, and refusing a radio interview with a local Latino radio station.
We at the Konstantin for Abilene Movement Advisory Board had not planned on endorsing any candidates for the upcoming election on November 2nd. However, by unanimous decision, we have all agreed. In the interest of the greater good of the county, we are compelled to strongly endorse the Democratic candidate: Arturo 'Art' Casarez. There is a disproportionate of minorities in the makeup in our county jail. Since here in America you are considered innocent until proved guilty, the only offense of some, is the crime of not having enough money to bond out. Not everyone who is locked up there has been convicted of a crime. Some are simply awaiting trial. The cost of housing as many people we do, could be better spent. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Maybe it is time we have a Sheriff as concerned with rehabilitation as incarceration. I think you will find there is no S.W.A.T. team mentality with Casarez. Are those footsteps I hear the boots of Barton Cromeens, set upon stomping out my freedom of speech and press, that he himself so greedily enjoys


  1. Ron, You are a Cretin. This post on Les Bruce and the trace to the forum where the quote is done amount to slander of the nature of a supermarket tabloid. When you are not busy drawing pagan goddesses, you might look at the bible and see what it has to say about bearing false witness. I am glad the voters have rightfully discerned that you are a major grade a FLAKE and a child who has no qualifications for public service. Learn to write a proper check without committing a felony before you try and be a public servant.

  2. Panther - would you change your view if you found out that Les Bruce admitted himself into the Betty Ford Clinic in San Antonio on four different occassions for intravenous methamphetamine addiction?

    Many in the meth circles and former users know about Les Bruce's exploits and some have even used with him.

  3. Anonymous, you are like Konstantin, all hat and no cattle. You can sit there and make these allegations against Bruce, but wheres the proof? Konstantin has routine public vendettas against Sam Chase, but yet again never any proof. If there was proof, it would have been posted in a big free wheeling internet system with "liveleaks" and such. Ive sat and listen to Konstantins tall tales, in person, face to proof. Conspiracy theories & tinfoil hat, and no Cattle.

  4. when i was in taylor county a female inmate had a siezure and fell and hit her head on the steel bunks i caught her laid her down side ways they pushed the medical button by the time they had arrived she was coming to. after that she didnt remember any of us and was looking for her cell phone in medical locked down . she had also shit herself they took her cloths and everything and left her in seg. as far as i know she is still in there. I have tried to contact her family but couldnt get ahold anyone. her name is jennifer williams. If anyone that reads this knows her please try to get in contact with her.