Thursday, November 5, 2009

Politics from the viewpoint of an activist.

I am an activist, NOT a politician. I can tell you that things will not change until we change our leadership in Abilene.
Six City Councilors represent each of six "places" in the city (three north of S. 1st Street and three south of S. 1st) but are elected and serve "at-large", representing all the citizens of Abilene. Councilors serve staggered three year terms with two members up for reelection each year. The Mayor is also elected at large and also serves a three-year term. There are no term limits for either the Council or the Mayor. There are 2 city council people coming up in May 2010 are Stormy Higgins for the north side, and the Mayor's employee at Hendricks, Laura Moore on the south side. You have to have residency in the same side of town(north or south) as the person you are running against. If you have multiple residences like the recently defeated former councilman, Sam Chase, you can claim a residence you own, even if you do not currently reside in it.
The School board consists of seven Trustees serving terms of four years, with elections held biennially. The terms of one-half of the Trustees, or as near to one-half as possible, expire every two years. School Board meetings are normally held at 5:30 p.m., the second Monday of each month at the One AISD Center, 214 Pine Street, Abilene. Meetings are open to the public and agendas are posted at least 72 hours in advance in accordance with the Texas Open Meeting Act. Current members are:
Stan Lambert Place 6 - President, Dr. Danny Wheat Place 5 - Vice President, Laura Dyer Place 4 - Secretary, Robert T. Laird Place 1 - Asst, Secretary, Samuel Garcia Place 2, Dr. Barry Lynn Hoefer Place 3, Charlie Wolfe Place 7
If I am not mistaken, the places that will be up also in May 2010 are for Lambert, Wheat, & Dyer.
I used to be one of the kids that this bond was all about. I care about the kids, not the political end. I graduated with a technical degree: Industrial Management Technology from TSTC, and worked in the Tech field for many years. I know what I am talking about.
This was a great grass roots collaboration. The arrogance of the supporters of the bond had as much to do with the failure of the bond as just about anything else. I did not start the site. I did write several articles and did several interviews, but I only appeared briefly. I was disappointed that all the significant supporters of the bond was asked for their input, but only one from our side got any real camera time. Also, I was the only person from the opposition in the election center. They did an on camera interview of Dr. Polnick, but not me. I don't care if it was me personally or not, but I don't think the coverage was equal, as usual from Abilene media services. There were almost 200 members of the facebook group. Why weren't more of them invited to weigh in?

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