Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!

I hate to shoot arrows at the Tenaska Albatross, but I have a prediction. If my guess at the Abilene City Council's plans in regard to the coal plant are correct:
Scenario A:
1 The plant will be built no matter what people say.
2 Sometime in the near future it will be determined there will not be enough water.
3 Since as stated in the Mayor's last campaign, the cedar ridge project is his #1 priority, the project will be brought to the forefront as a necessity.
4 Because of Tenaska tax payers will be saddled with the 100 million plus dollar project.
5 Taxes will go sky high
6 The powers that be here will get filthy rich from the various contracts to build the lake.
Scenario B:
1 Because of the water restrictions, good paying manufacturing companies will be kept out.
2 Existing manufacturing will be squeezed further, causing them to downsize or leave entirely.
3 Abilene will transformed into even more of a cash cow for Hendricks, because competitive wages will not be offered.
4 The already dismal overall average income in Abilene will drop even more.
In the end, I hope I am not being an albatross, but my experiences with city hall tell me otherwise...

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